Rublevo-Arkhangelsk Smart City


Our vision of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye  project is an urban endeavor that aims to transform a site in a Moscow suburb into a model community complete with everything an ideal city has to offer.
Here we will have comfortable  homes, cosy and friendly neighbourhoods, shady boulevards, abundant small-scale shops and cafes, protected and landscaped open spaces, and rapid and environment-friendly transport. Efficient SMART systems will manage our city, creaƟng a safe and comfortable environment for life, work and play.
The carefully planned Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye seeks to create an inviƟng urban milieu. In its forms, spaces and funcƟons, the project aspires to achieve an equilibrium between building and nature, tradiƟon and modernity, and, more abstractly, between history and culture.
Following the development of the INTERNET STYLE for Smart City, we declare the complete conƟnuity of the key tradiƟonal principles of the formaƟon of the architectural environment and the city carcass, while offering further development of the architecture of Digital Technologies and spaƟal modeling on the Smart system plaƞorm and the principles of the Environmental and Natural RENAISSANCE.
Design Team:
Raymond Terris, Sergey Romanov, Yulia Shirshova, Aleksandar Petrovic, Efimova Dinara, Alexander Kadzaev, Ilya Antonov, Veronika Kudryashova, Maria Fedorova, Pavel Burykin, Platon Karpovsky, Natalia Saleeva, Tatyana Shalneva, Yulia Yakusheva, Alina Akinfeeva, Nina Novikova, Nikolay Tkachenko, Alexander Morozov, Sergey Gavrilov, Slobodan Panic, Tatyana Tulyakova, Irina Fomina, Ramiz Mamedov, Kirill Orlov, Evgeniy Smelkov, Roman Mihaylov, Anton Alekseev
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